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What I’m reading

January 19, 2010

What books are on your desk right now?

Aside from photography I am also working on a novel of working title “The Chronicles of Obeah” , a short story about a young boy caught up in local Trinidadian folklore tales of magic and mystery. Think of it as the Caribbean’s own Harry Potter! 🙂 I have about 5 chapters written and may post excerpts in a journal section of this site for critique and feedback!

Sadly I’m mostly busy completing coursework, labs, socializing and napping. There’s almost no time left for reading. While most of the books I am reading are course work related, like “Extreme Programming Explained” and “Working with the Earth”, I do try take in some leisure readings. For leisure I’m taking another wild ride into the galaxy with “And Another Thing” a continuation of my favorite book series by the late author Douglas Adams “The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. The new book is penned by author Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl series) and is just as witty, sarcastic and plain nutty.

The Digital Photography Book while not exhaustive, features a lot of good information, tutorials and illustrations on how to use a simple point and shoot. I am using this as a guide to learn the basics of photography.

“Cool It” presents the “other” argument that claims global warming is not the epidemic the media and politicians are making it out to be.It should be an interesting read, allowing me to gain more perspective on the apparent looming crisis.

Since I am knee deep in Computer Science here at the university, I’m mostly busy coding or trying to figure out what the hell the code is doing, but life is short, and a good novel is a nice way to will away quiet evenings. So fellow bloggers What books are on your reading list?

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