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Introducing my new iPhone App

January 22, 2010

The photographs by Seon app

I kid. I have not written an app for the iphone (yet), but as a Computer Science student, this is a dream of mine that’s right within reach. I hope to embark on learning the app writing process over the summer break. In the mean time, WordPress has optimized their site to work amazingly well on almost any mobile browser. Just go to from your iphone/ipod touch, android or windows mobile web browser and you should be directed immediately to the mobile version of this site that is optimized to fit your screen.

The screen shot above shows how easy it is to navigate my website from the iPhone/iPod Touch.

To begin, install the app icon (The blog image I created to represent this site) . When you open the site in Safari, press the + icon and this brings up a list of options. Choose “Add to Home Screen” then my site icon should be available with a text box. If the icon is not as shown (cream box with grey S) then just tap the icon once. In the text box type SeonPhotos and then click add. You are done. You now have one touch access to this website. Enjoy!

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