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I love Bridges

January 24, 2010

Surprisingly yesterday Buffalo was blessed with a beautiful and sunny day, so I decided bike riding was a fantastic idea. With rented bikes, me and two friends hit the bike trail. Ever heard the phrase “Like riding a bike”? I am sure you did. It basically means that once you learn something, its easy to pick it up again years later, but whoever coined that phrase forgot to mention the searing pain that comes with biking for miles after picking it up again. By mile two, I was yelling to stop “I can’t feel my legs!”.

Nonetheless, the University at Buffalo bike trail didn’t disappoint. Spanning 6miles, it snaked around flowing rivers with sailing birds and snow capped fields. What delighted me though, were the bridges. Small ones but structurally beautiful, testaments to the technical skills of mankind.

Back when I first started college I was an engineering student and one of my first classes was an introductory course to Engineering principles. I got to build my first bridge with icecream slats and test its strength with various loads. I loved the class and though I didn’t pursue that degree (I hate physics), I still find myself in awe at the many bridges I come across, both grand and small ones.

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