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Surround yourself with Good People

January 30, 2010

Today I met my spanish professor for coffee.  I had taken his class last semester and enjoyed it immensely.  It is not very often you meet a teacher who is so passionate about teaching, that some of that passion teleports itself into your conscious, and before you realise it, you’re actually looking forward to a 9am class! My professor was always so jolly, so optimistic to the point of annoyance even; how can a man be this giddy at 9am in the morning!  Yet there he was, ready and excited to seep his knowledge and insights to our porous minds.

I write this post today as a thank you to him for the pieces of wisdom he has parted my way. His kind words of support and encouragement reminded me again that it’s human to err, but also human to get up and start again, even when the going gets tough. We are an amazing species with abilities so complex and astonishing, yet, the single most important thing that humanizes us, is our ability to love and show gratitude for the kindness bestowed on us.

Some people no doubt,  feel invisible, lost in the whites of the snow, with no real connection to humanity. Some are fighting against a strong current of negativity, reducing their every stride, dimming their vision of the sky, dashing their every hope. Yet, we must be steadfast and never give up. We must find the good in our lives and hold on to it.

So I leave you with a choice, sage bon mot that my professor enlightened me with today; “Surround your self with good people”. Absolutely, the rocky road to happiness is even easier when you walk that mile with  friends who could make the struggles less troublesome with just a smile.


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