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April 6, 2010

Humans are by nature sociable creatures. We yearn to form bonds with others who share similar interests and desires. One of our greatest fears is ending up alone, so we reach out to others forging connections some fleeting and others strong. Our desire to be social has of course evolved over centuries and now in our current technological landscape, many of us spend hours on social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter or Myspace, updating our statuses or tweeting our mundane life out. Anything that keeps us sociable is a good thing right?

I write this blog post today as I think about my real life social network. See I was recently deleted off Facebook by a friend and it bothered me more than I thought it would. You see I was having a great day biking with my regular group of college friends when suddenly later on I became irritable and moody. At this point, I unwisely choose to lash out at said friend with sharp words that would make Wilhelmina Slater blush with pride.  I knew I’d gone too far, but I hoped he’d realize that I was saying things I didn’t mean.

This is not my first infraction against friends. In fact some of my closet friends have come to know me so well, that they simply ignore my temperaments and chalk it up as me having a bad day. However I cannot get away with using people as my punching bag and so I must remember to hold my tongue when I’m irritated. I need my social network, I love them and appreciate them. Without them, college and life would be a very lonely place.

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  1. Analene Peters permalink
    April 7, 2010 10:41 am

    You are a good writer, sometimes our human nature can go wild . Hope you find better avenues to release your stress and can relate to your friends with respect and kindness.

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