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Snowy Day in Buffalo

December 7, 2010

Snowy Day in Buffalo, originally uploaded by photographsbyseon.

It that time of the year again in Buffalo and boy is it cold. Over the thanksgiving I was visiting friends in NYC and when they asked how’s the weather in Buffalo I always answered “Not that bad at all”. Have I ever been wrong. Last night It might have been 23 degrees but it sure felt like minus 23! Anyways its finals week so I’m going to be crunching the books. One thing I’m thankful for is not getting sick!

About the Photo:
I took the photo with my new HTC HD7  WIndows Phone 7 device that’s pretty amazing. I will post a review soon. I edited the photo directly on the phone using Pictures Lab app using the “Lomo” Effect.
Good stuff!

Here is another photo I took of some Parsly in my kitchen. Yes I grow my own in College :]

This one was enhanced in Pictures Lab directly on the phone  using the Saturate Effect. I plan to play around with the camera some time soon and hopefully review it fully. Right now, gotta ace those finals!

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