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A trip to the Buffalo Zoo

May 26, 2010

Summer is here and I finally had some down time to do some exploring and tackle that Buffalo Bucket list (Things To Do in Buffalo Before You Die). First up was a visit to the Buffalo Zoo, which while small, had quite an impressive collection of animals, some of which I photographed with the point and shoot. Enjoy!

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A visit to Broadway

May 16, 2010
Walking through the grand lobby of Studio54 (now home to the Roundabout Theater, I gazed up at the sparkling Chandelier that hung from an intricately designed ceiling and breathed in the surroundings. Patrons were milling in and about, most of whom were probably alive when Studio54 was known as a swanky disco hot spot for  the thrill seeking celebrities of the 80’s. Sadly the demographic of the theater goers tonight seems to echo the sentiment being whispered about the press; ¨Theater is dying¨. Perhaps though what it really meant was the the show did not feature a certain Bieber or Patterson fellow. Instead this particular Broadway show and my first ever, was about a man (who I knew very little about) who is admired and revered worldwide as a legend in musical theater. The man is Stephen Sondheim, and the show is Sondheim on Sondheim.
If you’ve tapped your feet to “West Side Story”, or watched with fascination as Johnny Depp sang ragingly about slitting the throats of patrons in his barer shop in “Sweeney Todd”  then you’ve probably heard the name Stephen Sondheim. Sondheim is one of  the hallmarks of American musical theater composing lyrics that while simple, has layers of complexities that reveal deep truths about the human soul. His Broadway shows have captivated the hearts of millions worldwide and he as amassed multiple Tony, Grammy and theater awards. Yet I hadn’t known much about Mr. Sondheim at all, in fact I had never been to a Broadway show ever!
So you’re probably wondering what prompted me to jump on an 8hr car trip to New York City (besides Mother’s day ofcourse) and grab rush tickets to a show celebrating a man I know very little about. The answer is loud and clear: Vanessa Williams! I am a fan. No let me rephrase, I am a Super fan! Surprising I know, since Vanessa and my mother are about the same age! My love or obsession as my friends are quick to pipe in, began when I was an impressionable teenager growing up in Trinidad. Vanessa was sensationally doing a cha cha cha in her movie ¨Dance With Me¨ leaving me hypnotized not just by her superb dancing and striking beauty but those eyes! Vanessa Williams has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in a woman! After the movie ended, as was the custom in Trinidad programming in those days, they would play a music video. Yes you guessed it- there she was singing about the blue corn moon in ¨Colors of the Wind!¨ My jaw hit the floor. Acting, Dancing, and now singing, this woman is amazing! That’s the night I became a fan. Over the years, I have been to 3 concerts, seen all her movies and watched religiously as Vanessa hilariously reinvented “bitch” on Ugly Betty. It was only natural I’d follow Vanessa to the Broadway stage!
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The Spring is here

April 19, 2010

fresh cuts, originally uploaded by photographsbyseon.

My apologies for the lack of posts. It is finals time for me at the university and I have been programming like a mad man. I am officially free after May5th so expect lots of posts, pictures and tutorials using the point and shoot camera. In the mean time, here a few tell tale signs that its time to pack away those jackets and pull out the shorts!

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April 6, 2010

Humans are by nature sociable creatures. We yearn to form bonds with others who share similar interests and desires. One of our greatest fears is ending up alone, so we reach out to others forging connections some fleeting and others strong. Our desire to be social has of course evolved over centuries and now in our current technological landscape, many of us spend hours on social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter or Myspace, updating our statuses or tweeting our mundane life out. Anything that keeps us sociable is a good thing right?

I write this blog post today as I think about my real life social network. See I was recently deleted off Facebook by a friend and it bothered me more than I thought it would. You see I was having a great day biking with my regular group of college friends when suddenly later on I became irritable and moody. At this point, I unwisely choose to lash out at said friend with sharp words that would make Wilhelmina Slater blush with pride.  I knew I’d gone too far, but I hoped he’d realize that I was saying things I didn’t mean.

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My photograph was featured on Campus today!

April 1, 2010



Today was an exciting day for me as an aspiring photographer: A photograph that I submitted to an International Student Photo Contest was selected as a finalist and was shown in a gallery at the Student Union at my campus, The University at Buffalo!

I was completely elated to see my photography blown up and displayed along with my name and thoughts on adapting to America. Even more so, I was tickled giddy, when many students gave great feedback, some of whom may have voted for me in the Voter’s choice competition.

This has been my first public showing and it gave me a taste of what I could accomplish. Maybe one day I could open up my own gallery to show my photos or even a studio, the possibilties are there, I just needed a peek into the “what could be” window.

I am thankful that I got this opportunity to share my passion with others. I am thrilled to have shared the floor with14 other amazing photos, all special and inspiring. This event gave me a healthy jolt of confidence and assurance, that I should continue to pursue this hobby and learn as much as I can about this art, through the lens of a camera.

I am inspired.

Gadget note: I posted this blog entry from my android cellphone thanks to the new WordPress app! 🙂

A few words and Tips

March 27, 2010
Duck and Geese, originally uploaded by photographsbyseon.

I have been MIA since I got back from my spring break in NYC. College does that to you I suppose, or is it that professors take some perverse pleasure in grading heaps of work. I’ve been consumed with programming, Spanish and boring sleep inducing lectures on Environmental changes.

I also recently started a wonderful job as an student assistant in the IT department for a Research facility associated with UB. The few spare moments that I’ve had are spent in the gym, sleeping or trying my hand at coding for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series.(expect a future blurb about that.)

The good news is I haven’t given up on my photography hobby and on my way to the gym today I saw a pair of ducks just floating about the man made pond at the apartments.

Tip #1 A photographer is always with his camera.
My best shots are usually the ones taken by chance, not the ones I planned! The good thing about the compact digital camera is that it can always be on your person, in a purse or a man purse if you’re the type of man who is confident enough to go sashaying about with this accessory. Up next is the man-skirt, but thats another thing.

Tip#2 A photographer needs to be confident and patient.

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Things to do before I “Kick the Bucket”

March 14, 2010

Love on the Brooklyn Bridge, originally uploaded by photographsbyseon.

The term “Kick the Bucket” is island speak that is the equivalent of “Pushing up daisies” or “Six feet Under”. I have an almost morbid fascination with death. In fact I mourned the loss of the tv series “Dead Like Me”, a show that catered to my fantasies of grim reapers in long black downs with large menacing scythes. Sadly I am completely in the dark on what actually occurs after one’s last breath and I am in no hurry to find out. Non the less, like any normal human being who is not preoccupied with finding the elixir of life, fountain of youth or whatever mythical connotation that could wipe the smirk off a grim reaper’s face (do they have faces?), I have made a list of things to do before I die. Due to the potentially alarming contents of this list that could get the righteous and saved all up in arms, I have decided not publish it.

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